This multidisciplinary research paper deals with the idea of testing languages upon the factor of breath group (syntagm) features. The purpose of the research is to find appropriate qualities of speech breathing that differentiate linguistic groups (syllabic languages versus phonemic languages). The task is being investigated through the use of ergospirometry methods correlated with sound-recording oscillography. There are 7 subjects involved in the pilot experiment, speakers of English and Chinese. The contrastive analysis of English and Chinese patterns of speech breathing is done by analyzing phrases and words read in English. The experiment is being conducted at the Federal Medical Research Center named after V.A. Almazov, St. Petersburg, Russia. The results prove the hypothesis that languages can be differentiated on the basis of breath group functions. The practical applicability of the conclusion opens certain perspectives in changing the scheme of teaching English phonetics to Chinese speakers as well as other applied purposes.
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  • breathgroups, speech breathing, phonetics, ergospirometry

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