The article analyses institutional environment of the process of introduction of information and communication technologies while developing the smart health concept. The best practices of innovations in healthcare, based on information-communication technologies, are analyzed. To define the driving forces for information and communication technology innovations the expert opinion analysis is held — the article uses results of the survey of the opinion of the heads of public and private medical organizations in St. Petersburg. Recommendations for regulatory authorities and medical organizations concerning enhancement of the process of introduction of innovations are formulated.

Based on analysis of current situation in Russian healthcare and experts' opinions, we conclude that main drivers for information and communication technologies introduction in public medical organizations are being represented by State healthcare digitalization strategy and competition with private medical organizations in market paid services sector. Main drivers for private medical organizations are increase in demand for paid medical services and increase in competition in this sector.

The smart health concept is not just assuming introduction of innovations inside medical organizations, but also needs effective collaboration between clinics, patients and city management.

It is necessary to take into account flexible environment of medical organizations. Digitalization in healthcare system should be based on integration of needs and enhancement of collaboration among groups of interests.
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