This paper is a continuation of the authors’ research [5]. We apply some aspects of the theory about strong horizontal elongation of large-scale mesoscale vortices in the World Ocean based on the theory ellipsoidal vortices to oceanic conditions. Two areas are considered, characterized by increased eddy manifestation: the Lofoten Basin in the Norwegian Sea and the Agulhas Current area. We also discuss the condition of the Atlantic Ocean and the World Ocean. The main objective of this study is to check the feasibility of the physical conditions for unbounded vortex elongation in the real ocean and estimate the fraction of mesoscale ocean vortices that are elongated into filaments with energy redistributed from the mesoscale to the submesoscale. We estimate the share of vortices in the World Ocean that are strongly elongated. We propose maps of the geographical location of unlimited vortex elongation zones and interpret the results. We also describe the effect of a decrease in the self-energy of vortices due to the tensile action of the background flow. We propose that it is a possible mechanism for energy transfer from the vortex to the flow and a manifestation of the negative viscosity effect.
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