One of the main sources of social economic tension in Russian society became the promotion and acceptance in 2018 of the bill on retirement age increase initiated by the government. Conflict of the created situation expressed itself in a great number of protest meetings in the country againstpension reform. The aim of the article is to give a foundation of the effective way of solving the conflict caused by such reform. For this purpose its influence upon social economic state of labor relations sides is analyzed, the experience of retirement age increase in Germany and France is investigated, the perspective of solving the appeared conflict is defined. Dialectical method as the one which allows to discover the contradictions of the labor relation sides interests is realized. Table method of tendencies analysis in time worked dynamics in economically developed countries is used, the differentiation of workers age cohorts for the evaluation of the consequences of retirement reform is applied. It is found that the main source of retirement conflict in Russia is the degradation of workers position in connection with the growth of the time worked per working life in comparison with the cohort that retired before the reform. By the analysis of the innovate foreign experience the possibility of connection of retirement age increase, on the one hand, and the total number of hours worked per life, on the other hand, is discovered. It is shown that this possibility is the result of the regularity of the working time reduction which is inherent to the modern economy. The role of transition to the six hours working day in Russia as the effective way of solving retirement conflict without rejection of retirement age increase is revealed.

Переведенное названиеWorking time reduction as the factor of solving retirement conflict
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  • 6-hours working day, Pension reform, Social-economic conflict

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