The logic of the historical development of European culture is directed towards the absolutization of the private side of human existence. Traditional forms of social life are gradually being replaced by the cultivated ideal of a free person who realizes himself in individual entrepreneurial activity. However, consign-ment to oblivion of the generic principles of community life, and sometimes their complete disregard in political programs and philosophical doctrines, threatens to launch a mechanism of a reciprocal “vengeful” response of the com-munal mind. The article discusses of genesis of basic value of the West European culture – a private property. Research suggests to make judgment of this phe-nomenon from a metaphysical position that allows to open the disputable parties of the economical and political theories which are carrying out its universaliza-tion and an ontologization. Making a start from tradition of Parmenides under-standing of being, the arising tension between traditional values of the European spirit and it the developed values of an era of a modernist style is shown, from which value private own became fundamental. During this analysis prospects of creation of libertarian society are depicted and the methodological principle al-lowing recognizing from the philosophical point of view socially accepted these or those social theories is formulated.

Переведенное названиеThe political economy fate of the ontology of privately
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