Transcription factors from the WOX family are well-known regulators of cell proliferation and differentiation in plants. Herein, we focused on several WOX genes from the intermediate clade and checked their impact on somatic embryogenesis using the model legume object Medicago truncatula. As a result, we show that MtWOX9-1 overexpression not only stimulates somatic embryogenesis in the embryogenic M. truncatula line, as it was shown previously, but can also induce somatic embryogenesis in the non-embryogenic line. Other intermediate clade WOX, including the close paralog of MtWOX9-1, as well as WOX11 homologs, did not have any significant impact on somatic embryogenesis in our in vitro cultivation system. Together, our results give new information about the diversity of the WOX family proteins and their specific functions. These data can be used for the search of new regeneration stimulators.

Original languageEnglish
Article number223
Issue number2
StatePublished - 13 Jan 2024

    Research areas

  • Medicago truncatula, WOX genes, legumes, morphogenic regulators, somatic embryogenesis

ID: 116080351