Agulhas leakage is a main source of warm and salty water of the Indian Ocean carried by mesoscale eddies from the southern Africa to the shores of South America. We assess a volume of waters transported by the Agulhas leakage using combination of altimetry and Argo observations. We explore a vertical structure of the Agulhas leakage eddies involved in the Agulhas leakage using Argo profiles. We demonstrate that the Agulhas leakage eddies keep the thermohaline characteristics while their moving to the west. We show that the temperature and salinity inside the individual eddy are higher at 5°C and 0.8–1 psu, respectively, than the average values in the South Atlantic. We proof that the Agulhas leakage eddies moving thousands kilometers to the west keep their thermal characteristics, and the waters inside the Agulhas leakage eddies mix a little with the surrounding waters. It is shown that the mean Agulhas leakage transport by one mesoscale eddy is 8.5 Sv. The heat and salt transports by the individual Agulhas leakage eddy are 2.25 × 109 W и 5.36 × 105 kg s–1 respectively. Heat and salt anomalies inside it are 2.03 × 1015 J and 4.83 × 1011 kg respectively.
Original languageRussian
Pages (from-to)24-34
Issue number2
StatePublished - 2020

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  • SLA, ARGO, sea level, altimetry, Mesoscale eddies, Rossby waves, Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, SEA LEVEL ANOMALIES

ID: 53749735