The article is about the new forms of capitalism’s development which are the locomotive of digital economy formation and have the purpose the creation and production technological innovations. It is noted that the formula of contemporary economic development r > g (r - return to capital, g - productivity) shows that the financial sector leads in relation to productive sector in the contemporary economic. Return to capital raises the form of social inequality which represents in proportion 10% of the population lives of the juice and relates to the rich, 90% of the population is the wage earners in service sector, intellectual workers who are relate to the poor. This ideology based on the «third» spirit of capitalism which appeals to the freedom as a fundamental human need to free, creative, knowledge work through which the individual exercises his self-development and self-understanding. The reverse side of this ideology is the illusion character of the freedom because it embodies the indirect forms of exploi
Original languageRussian
Pages (from-to)125-135
Issue number2
StatePublished - 2020

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  • capital, cognitive proletarian, digital capitalism, general intellect, Hochschild, innovations, knowledgeable economy, non-material production, Piketty, technologies, знаниевая экономика, инновации, капитал, когнитивный пролетариат, нематериальное производство, общественный интеллект, Пикетти, технологии, Хокшилд, цифровой капитализм

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