The purpose of the article is to identify the progressive practice of expanding the use of Internet technologies based on the study of the experience of solving scientific and educational tasks by a well-known interregional public Association that systematically conducts a wide scientific and educational work using Internet technologies. The purpose of the work is to find out how it is possible to combine various and widely used independent forms of using Internet technologies, various Internet resources into a single complex to solve a single problem of increasing the level of scientific knowledge acquisition by a wide range of adults. The wide application of this experience on a public, Amateur basis would help to raise the General cultural and educational level of citizens, promote the expansion of citizens' participation in public life, develop public initiative and self-activity, and make fuller use of the rights and freedoms granted by a democratic state. To solve this problem, we used the General scientific dialectical method, which acts as an awareness of the form of internal self-movement of the content of the subject under study, the historical method, and the method of complex comparative analysis. The results of the study confirm the effectiveness of internetization with a reasonable and meaningful use of it to solve the problem of improving the cultural and educational level of citizens by public associations on an Amateur voluntary basis. In this case, the subject of research is scientific and educational activities, the object of research is a public Association. The result of the research is the disclosure of the system of scientific and educational activities of a well-known public Association for the wide use of this experience by other public associations, taking into account their specific tasks.
Original languageRussian
Pages (from-to)53-57
JournalThe scientific Heritage
Issue number46-6(46)
StatePublished - 2020

    Research areas

  • Internet Technologies, scientific and educational activities, public association, initiative, complexity, Foundation of the Working Academy

ID: 75078340