Zeeman Splitting, Its Specific Features, and Gyromagnetic Ratios for Configurations 1snf (n = 4–10) of the Helium Atom

G. P. Anisimova, A. P. Gorbenko, O. A. Dolmatova, I. R. Krylov, I. Ch. Mashek, G. A. Tsygankova

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The fine structure parameters of configurations 1snf (n = 4–10) with new refined energy values are calculated by the semiempirical method. The emphasis is on the study of the Zeeman structure in order to determine the gyromagnetic ratios of all four the levels of the configuration from the splitting. For this pur- pose, the matrices of an energy operator with allowance for the interaction between the atom and a magnetic field were diagonalized for all possible values of quantum number M. For each configuration, 17 values of crossing fields of the Zeeman sublevels with ΔМ = ±1, ±2 and the regions of anticrossings with ΔМ = 0 were determined. It is remarkable that, because the levels are closely spaced, anticrossings are observed for each pair of levels in these systems. The regions of linearity of a magnetic field, which are different for different configurations, and the levels in them are established. The g-factors are calculated from the coefficients of an intermediate coupling scheme in a magnetic field th
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ЖурналOptics and Spectroscopy (English translation of Optika i Spektroskopiya)
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