What is the Purpose of Trying to Discredit Liberalism and The Idea of Democracy?

Dzhamal Mutagirov

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World monitors the continued strengthening of the international tension and continuing attacks some countries ‘governing elites’ to each other with astonishment and concern. This occurs under soothing statements about “end of the cold war”. The situation is like such of 1930 ‘s when, supposedly, also “there wasn’t any war” but, as Sir Winston Churchill [1] admitted later, “English-speaking peoples through their unwisdom carelessness and good nature allowed the wicked to rearm” [1-6]. The 75 anniversaries of the victory over fascism will be celebrated soon. Antifascist struggle had initiated the Global democratic revolution. Over the years, humankind has committed grand gallop forward, ended with colonialism, with external manifestations of racism, apartheid, had adopted the International Code of Human and Peoples ‘ Rights, committed scientific, technical, cultural, information and other revolutions. All this had enabled him to achieve very remarkable progress in all spheres of life. However, at the turn of the Millennia the story took an unexpected turn, the meaning of which remains an enigma. Using historical, logical and comparative methods allows to reveal the enigma.
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