Variability of the Blazar B1308+326 in 2011-2018

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The monitoring results of the blazar B1308+326 in the optical and radio bands in 2011-2018 are presented and analyzed. An optical flare of the object associated with the passage of revealed superluminal components through the radio core, coinciding in time with a γ-ray outburst, as well as outbursts at 43 GHz, were detected. The photometric variability is explained by a variable component with a constant at average power-law relative energy distribution in the spectrum (Fν ~ ν-1.6). This fact, as well as the high observed degree of polarization (up to 40%), indicates its synchrotron nature. Separate sources of polarized radiation with a high degree of polarization and a direction either parallel or perpendicular to the direction of the jet are distinguished, which gives information about the magnetic field's direction in the jet during outbursts and allows us to make a conclusion for their appearance: the passage of a shock wave over the jet or the appearance of radiating electronic ensembles.
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