Ultrafine grained titanium for biomedical applications: An overview of performance

Carlos Nelson Elias, Marc André Meyers, Ruslan Z. Valiev, Sérgio Neves Monteiro

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Ultrafine grain sized titanium (UFG Ti) obtained by severe plastic deformation presents a bright potential for biomedical applications because it provides the strength of titanium alloys without toxic alloying elements, such as Al and V that, by dissolving away from the implant, may be harmful to human health. The most recent developments and challenges in this field are reviewed. UFG Ti mini-devices were implanted in rabbits and the removal torque was compared with that of conventional commercially pure (cp) grain sized Ti Grade 2 and Ti6Al4V alloy Grade 5. The osseointegration of the UFG Ti was slightly superior of that of cp Ti Grade 2. The microstructure and mechanical properties of the UFG Ti, with special emphasis on dental implant application are reviewed and some additional properties evaluated and presented.

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ЖурналJournal of Materials Research and Technology
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