Types of rotary crystal state of solid solutions of paraffins

I. V. Filippova, E. N. Kotelnikova, S. Yu Chazhengina, S. K. Filatov

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Thermal deformations and polymorphous transformations of solid solutions of paraffins in C17-C19, C19-C21, C21-C23, C22-C24, and C23-C24 systems are investigated by thermal X-ray diffractometry using a temperature step of several tenths of a degree. It is examined how the length of a molecular chain of a homolog (n) and the difference in length (Δn) between the chains as well as the molecular composition of a solid solution affect these transitions, and the data are compared with those for the individual homologs of paraffins.

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ЖурналJournal of Structural Chemistry
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