Transverse momentum and multiplicity fluctuations in Ar+Sc collisions at the CERN SPS from NA61/shine

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The NA61/SHINE experiment aims to discover the critical point of strongly interacting matter and study the properties of the onset of deconfinement. For these goals, a scan of the two dimensional phase diagram (T-μB) is being performed at the SPS by measurements of hadron production in proton-proton, proton-nucleus and nucleus-nucleus interactions as a function of collision energy and system size. In this contribution, preliminary results on transverse momentum and multiplicity fluctuations expressed in terms of strongly intensive quantities from the Ar+Sc energy scan will be presented. These fluctuations are expected to be sensitive to the existence of a critical point. The results are compared with results from the p+p and Be+Be energy scan as well as with NA49 measurements.

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