Transformations of the crystal structure in a series of rubidium boroleucite solid solutions from the x-ray powder diffraction data

M. G. Krzhizhanovskaya, R. S. Bubnova, S. K. Filatov, D. Meyer, P. Paufler

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The crystal structures of rubidium boroleucite RbBSi2O 6 [a = 12.785(1) Å] and two silicon-rich solid solutions Rb0.96(B0.77Si2.18)2.95O 6 [a = 12.858(1) Å] and Rb0.92(B 0.46Si2.42)2.88O6 [a = 12.914(1) Å] are refined in the space group I 4 3d (KBSi2O6 structural type) by the Rietveld method. Polycrystalline samples are prepared through the crystallization of glasses. The substitution Si4+ → B3+ in tetrahedra of the borosilicate framework occurs with the charge compensation due to a deficit of rubidium and boron. The formation of vacancies in tetrahedral positions leads to the breaking of bonds between tetrahedra, and bridging oxygen atoms become terminal atoms.

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ЖурналGlass Physics and Chemistry
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