Transformation of the Crystal Structure in the Series of K1xCsxBSi2O6 Borosilicate Solid Solutions

E. S. Derkacheva, M. G. Krzhizhanovskaya, R. S. Bubnova, S. K. Filatov

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The transformation of the crystal structure by isomorphous K+–Cs+ substitutions in the non-tetra- hedral positions leading to the phase transition has been studied in the series of K1–xCsxBSi2O6 solid solutions. The samples have been crystallized from the glass at 850C for 10 h. According to the data on the crystal structures refined by the Rietveld method, the compositions with 0 x 0.35 crystallize in space group I3d, structural type KBSi2O6, and those with 0.37 x 1.0, crystallize in Iad, structural type CsBSi2O6. The reversible cubic–cubic phase transition I3d Iad occurs in the composition range x= 0.35–0.37.
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ЖурналGlass Physics and Chemistry
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