Transformation of media education in the digital age: to the issue of training specialists in the field of communications

S. Vinogradova, G. Melnik, K. Pantserev

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The purpose of this article is to identify the relationship of trends in the development of the digital economy, digital journalism and media education. The transition to a new technological system has caused major changes in the life of Russian society, which are reflected in numerous discussions. This applies primarily to the digital economy. The development of the digital economy is very contradictory and changes the map of the moder labor market, in particular, the segment of this market, which is associated with the functioning of the mass media. Monitoring of the labor market has shown that the requirements for the journalistic profession are changing. This causes contradictory assessments of the expert community. One can meet the conclusions about the disappearance of
the journalistic profession, which is undergoing changes today, which cannot but affect the tasks of media education, since today the model of the journalist profession is being transformed. An important characteristic of the
profession is not only the ability to prepare texts for mass media, but also to work in a multimedia environment. A professional in the field of mass media should have knowledge of the digital media market; skills of using digital
technologies, as well as communication strategies in digital media; skills of project activities for the production of complex digital products, promotion and management of digital media projects, the use of computer technology at
all stages from text creation to analysis and management of editorial content; the knowledge about the network
culture. In modern conditions, media education should be aimed equally at developing students' skills in working
with modern technology and at preserving the "human" content of the journalistic profession
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