Komagataella phaffii yeast is one of the most important biocompounds producing micro-organisms in modern biotechnology. Optimization of media recipes and cultivation strategies is key to successful synthesis of recombinant proteins. The complex effects of proline on gene expression in the yeast K. phaffii was analyzed on the transcriptome level in this work. Our analysis revealed drastic changes in gene expression when K. phaffii was grown in proline‐containing media in comparison to ammonium sulphate‐containing media. Around 18.9% of all protein‐encoding genes were differentially expressed in the experimental conditions. Proline is catabolized by K. phaffii even in the presence of other nitrogen, carbon and energy sources. This results in the repression of genes involved in the utilization of other element sources, namely methanol. We also found that the repression of AOX1 gene promoter with proline can be partially reversed by the deletion of the KpPUT4.2 gene.

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