Tidal variability of oceanological conditions of submarine landscapes on sublittoral of the Inlet Ivanovskaya

A. A. Bobkov, P. P. Strelkov, A. N. Il'Ina

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Two mareographs «Priliv-2D» were moored alongside the sublittoral of the 3 and 4th scoops in the Ivanovskaya Inlet (the Barents Sea) between July 03 and 15, 2008 in order to estimate the tidal input into variability of oceanological conditions. Harmonic analysis of 11 daily cycles of variables by means of AARI method was undertaken which shows that in the area under discussion considerable deviation of amplitudes of diurnal and semidiurnal components from «pure» astronomic tides are observed. An explanation of this phenomenon is supposed in the very complex coast line configuration and in bottom topography due to which tidal phenomena obtain considerably non-linear character what conditions complex interaction of tidal oscillations of sea level and sea temperature because of the tidal mixing occurring in different parts of the water area. An oceanological factor has an evident ecological sequence and influences the hydrobiont distribution which constitutes quite an endemic attribute of this region.

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