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    Nowadays innovative technologies in the life of a young and rising generation an increasingly
    important place is occupied by computer technology, which leads to the creation of a new reality
    in the plane virtualization. In confirmation of my words about the virtualization, companies
    should refer to authoritative Russian sociologist D. Ivanov, who in his monograph «Virtualization
    of society» writes, priority in the last years of the XX c. was the development of not information,
    and simulation technologies – virtual reality technology [1, p.13-14].
    Due to the fact that it seems to me that the future society – a virtual society, which will be
    transferred all the social practices existing in society. We stand on the threshold of new rapidly
    changing technologies that, in my opinion, lead us to the virtual society. All this leads to the fact
    that the future is a virtual reality. If we talk about an epistemologically new form of social
    relationship between the emerging on the background of virtual space on the agenda, the question
    of the place of ethics in a given society is raised. A new form of social order requires a new
    ethical component of this society. It is obvious that the old ethical forms that exist in modern
    society will not be suitable forms of social expression in a virtual society. Therefore, the agenda
    raises the question of understanding what a virtual society is and what ethics will be relevant to a
    given society. I think the sphere of virtual ethics will be the most relevant and popular, people will
    want to be working this area and I think this profession is to eventually become a closed structure
    in the form of monopoly and will have incredible power in the world, as one who knows how to
    work virtual is a social law, you will understand specifically what you need to do and how they
    can use it.
    In concluding, I note that the society seeks to virtualization their really. But they don't know what
    bondage pushes itself, the new Technology will create a society where the power of the people
    who will understand what is happening in society will extremely strong.
    1. Ivanov D.V. Virtualizaciya obshchestva [Virtualization of society]. SPb.: «Peterburgskoe
    Vostokovedenie», 2000.

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