The personology of love-agape in Horuzhy's synergetic anthropology

Oleg Pavenkov, Ilya Shmelev, Mariia Rubtcova

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The article focuses on the analysis of the personology of love in Horuzhy's synergetic anthropology. Horuzhy's thought as views of representatives of modern philosophy of XXI Century in Russia was under powerful influence Russian religious philosophical tradition and practice of Hesychasm. Horuzhy has developed synergetic-personological approach to the consideration of love. Love, who filled out and moved life and ministry of elders is the love of Christ, who is Love. Human love by synergetic transformation can completely enter in Love of Christ through the practice of Hesychasm. Horuzhy concentrated on spiritual-practical, ascetical aspects of united love. We have drawn the conclusion that, in the Horuzhy's philosophy love-agape, existing inside human personality, is Christ-centered. The mission of love-agape is theurgical and cosmic. This mission of love is to "gather of creation's work": living and acting in the world, human has to gather and transform the world into vital harmonious whole. Thus, love-agape is the central idea of synergetic anthropology and whole Russian philosophy.

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