The «One Day of Speech» Corpus: Phonetic and Syntactic Studies of Everyday Spoken Russian

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The studies described in the paper are made on the base of the ORD – “One day of speech” – corpus of Russian everyday speech which contains long-term audio recordings of daily communication. The ORD corpus provides rich authentic material for research in phonetics and syntax of spoken Russian, and may be used for adjustment and improvement of speech synthesis and recognition systems. Current phonetic investigations of the ORD corpus relate to temporal studies, study of speech reduction, phonetic realization of words and affixes, investigation of phonetic errors and mondegreens, studies of rhythm structures and hesitation phenomena. Syntactic studies primarily deal with linear word order of syntactic groups, syntactic complexity of spoken utterances, and specific syntactic phenomena of spontaneous speech. In this paper, we summarize main achievements in phonetic and syntactic studies made on the base of the ORD corpus and outline some directions for further investigations.
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