The most frequent words in everyday spoken Russian (in the gender dimention and depending on communication settings) - Наиболее употребительные слова повседневной русской речи (в гендерном аспекте и в зависимости от условий коммуникации)

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The paper presents the most frequent words of everyday spoken Russian, that form the upper zones of several word frequency lists compiled on the material of Russian speech corpus "One Speaker's Day" (the ORD corpus), containing real-life recordings of everyday communication. All speech data in the corpus is annotated in terms of communication settings, including 1) type of communication (language spoken style), 2) social role of speaker, 3) locus, etc. Such information allows speech to be filtered upon user request and therefore makes it possible to study speech variation depending on particular communication settings. The given study was made on the transcripts of 152 real-life macroepisodes and contains 232,370 words. The sample presents speech of 209 persons (95 men, 94 women, 20 children). The following word frequency lists have been compiled: a) general frequency list, b) male frequency list, c) female frequency list, and d) four frequency lists for different styles of spoken speech: informal conversations, professional/business conversations, educational communication, and "customer-service" communication. Men's and women's frequency lists have been compiled on the subsamples of 83,371 and 115,110 words correspondently. The analysis of word lists has shown that Russian women pay more attention to maintaining the conversation, use fewer hesitations, and are more inclined to use in their speech intensifying words, emotional words, hedges and interjections. Men generally use fewer personal pronouns, while numbers and the expletives are among the most frequent words used by men in everyday conversations. In general, these observations are similar to those described earlier for gender variation by other linguists.

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