The elderly as witnesses of three epochs: from socialism to the market

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The article examines the specificity of the elderly social memory as witnesses of three epoch. Modern elderly have a unique experience that allows them to look at the social and economic situation in the country from the perspective of the past epochs of the soviet time, perestroika and market period. The research was carried out with the help of biographical method based on in-depth semi-structured interviewing. As the study showed, a positive shift has occurred in elderly people's attitudes towards the market. The elderly are nostalgic for stability, certainty of social environment and security in the Soviet period, but nevertheless they accept market conditions as the ones that facilitate their existence. Different social epochs form different types of people according to the ratio of social and personal. The elderly note that at the present time there has been a certain positive turn towards equalization of public and personal ratio. The future of the country is viewed by the elderly in the synthesis of the market and socio-economic advantages of socialism. The reflection of socio-economic changes by modern reflecting seniors was performed based on the personal experience which can be the basis for Russian society social memory enriching.

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