The crisis of the multiculturalism policy in sweden

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At present, both Sweden and other European countries are experiencing a crisis of multiculturalism policy, which has been in place since the 1990s. The “incomplete” integration has led to several negative consequences, including an increase in the number of racially motivated crimes, the spread of xenophobic attitudes, and the growing popularity of nationalist parties and organizations. However, the rejection of this policy and the ban on foreigners’ entry into the country is neither a solution nor possible: migration contributes to the stabilization of the demographic situation in Sweden, as well as to the problem of labor market shortages. Thus, there is an urgent need to modernize the policy of multiculturalism in order to maintain a balance between preserving the cultural identity of migrants and ensuring that they comply with the Swedish law. The purpose of this research is to identify the influence of multiculturalism on the internal political situation in Sweden by highlighting the characteristic features of Swedish multiculturalism, determining the causes of the crisis, analyzing the crisis phenomena that originated in Swedish society, predict the prospects for resolving the crisis.

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