The biological correction of agro-photosynthesis of soil plant productivity

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The monograph examines the main ways to correct the productivity of agricultural crops, the component composition of soil organic matter, the morphological classification of humus, the agro-ecological and trophic functions of soil organic matter. Attention is paid to the environmental aspect of soil fertility and the fundamentals of the functioning of the soil—plant system. The effect of non-root treatment of plants with solutions of humic substances on the physiology and biochemistry of plants is described. The main directions of the effective solution of problems arising from adaptive intensification of the production process of agricultural crops in agro-landscape farming are substantiated. The monograph is intended for specialists in the field of agronomy, agro-chemistry, crop production, soil science, agro-ecology, as well as for graduate students and students of higher and secondary special educational institutions of these specializations.

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