The beginning of radiology history in Saint-Petersburg, Petrograd

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The birth and development of Radiology as a science, clinical and educational sub-ject in Russia became possible due to the efforts of dozens of scientists in the end of 19th and beginning of 20th century. The first application of X-rays in Russia had happened in the beginning of 1897, just soon after Professor Roentgen's report about dis-covery of a new kind of rays. The first medical X-ray unit in Russia was created and the first X-ray room was organized by the Russian scientist A.S. Popov in Kronschtadt hospital. The educational process for the doctors started in 1897 in Saint Petersburg Martial Medical Academy, where there was created the course of X-ray training by Dr. A.K. Yanovsky, and later by Dr. M.I. Nemenov, who continued the teaching process in the Woman's Medical In-stitute. The Russian Radiologic society was created in Saint-Petersburg in 1913 by the group of scientists under the leadership of professor M.I. Nemenov. The main purposes of this organization were distribution and popularization of a new knowledge on the applica-tion of X-rays in medical practice. The first Radiological congress was performed in Moscow in 1916. The formation of medical radiology in Russia began in St. Petersburg in a difficult historical period. The development of X-ray diagnostics and radiotherapy as a science and the possibility of its practical application greatly depended on the correct decisions in train-ing, teaching process and organization of all the system of x-ray diagnostics.

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