The battle on the ice (1242): Investigators and investigations

Yury Vladimirovich Krivosheev, Roman Aleksandrovich Sokolov

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Since the late 1930s Soviet historical studies paid great attention to the affairs of Alexander Nevsky and in particular to his famous victory on the ice of Chudskoe lake on April 5th, 1242. However, until the end of the 1950s only two professional scholars (E. C. Paklar and M. N. Tikhomirov) made field studies at the scene. Their works had not only gained tangible results but also had stimulated the organization of the Complex expedition for more precise localization of the Battle on the Ice that worked under the aegis of the Soviet Academy of Sciences at the turn of the 1950s and 1960s. Its conclusions, considered for a long period to be generally accepted, are nowadays challenged without due argumentation. Nevertheless, investigations in archives, interviews with the participants of the main explorations, and some recent field studies conducted by the Department of Regional Studies of St. Petersburg State University prove trustworthiness of the data obtained by G. N. Karaev and his colleagues.

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