The Arctic policy of India

Валерия Александровна Пронина, Константин Юрьевич Эйдемиллер, Владимир Константинович Хазов, Анна Владимировна Рубцова

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The article is devoted to the Indian Arctic policy. The author examines the history of Delhi's presence in the region from the time of colonial dependence until the moment the country received the status of the permanent observer of the Arctic Council in 2013. Much attention is paid to the analysis of two opposed opinions on the role of India in the region. One group of scientists, referring to the lack of domestic energy resources, need to diversify energy flows and prevent China's undivided dominance on the Arctic shelf, insists on India's comprehensive (scientific, economic, and strategic) participation in the Arctic agenda. Another group, based on alarmist environmental rhetoric, advocates limiting interference into the region's affairs. Analysis of external and internal conditions leads to the conclusion that none of the lines can be implemented completely. An uncertainty of India's Arctic strategy, however, makes it possible to identify some trends and make a forecast on the future actions of the Asian giant in the region.
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