The 2405 Ma doleritic dykes in the Karelian Craton: A fragment of a Paleoproterozoic large igneous province

A. V. Stepanova, E. B. Salnikova, A. V. Samsonov, Yu O. Larionova, S. V. Egorova, V. M. Savatenkov

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New data on the age and composition of doleritic dykes of the Karelian Craton on the Fennoscandian Shield are reported. Based on the results of U–Pb dating of baddeleyite, a new age episode (2404 ± 5 Ma) in the formation of basic rocks on the Karelian Craton is established. Comparison of the composition of the studied dolerite with that of dykes of the same age from other Archean cratons worldwide shows their essential similarity and allows us to suggest their formation within a single large igneous province. The data obtained support the current models of supercontinental reconstructions for the period of 2400 Ma.

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