[Technique of stereotactic cryodestruction in management of patients with cerebral gliomas].

B. V. Martynov, A. I. Kholiavin, V. E. Parfenov, V. B. Nizkovolos, G. E. Trufanov, V. A. Fokin, V. S. Dekan, N. P. Alekseeva, P. V. Gracheva, A. V. Kofman, D. V. Svistov

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Aim of the study was to evaluate the safety and efficiency of stereotactic cryodestruction of supratentorial astrocytomas that were located deeply in the brain and/or within eloquent areas.We examined 74 patients aged 18-64 years with supratentorial gliomas of different grade located in deep or eloquent brain areas. All the patients underwent stereotactically guided cryodestruction of the tumor. The survival rate was evaluated by the Kaplan-Meier method. The chi-square method was used for comparative analysis of results of this study with available data from the literature. For the analysis of the prognostic importance of various factors the Cox proportional hazards model was applied. The average survival period was 12.4 months for glioblastoma (control group--6.4 months, p=0.04), and 46.9 months for anaplastic astrocytoma (control group--18 months, p=0.006). For patients with fibrillar-protoplastic astrocytoma the 5-year survival rate was 95.7%. The frequencies of complications did not exceed those of the routine surgical interventions in patients with brain tumors. We found that stereotactic cryodestruction as well the Karnofsky performance score were statistically reliable prognostic factors (p=0.0377 and p=0.0006, respectively), while the extent of cryodestruction and the residual tumor mass did not influence the survival rate. Stereotactic cryodestruction is a safe surgical procedure, which results in statistically significant improvement of survival in patients with supratentorial gliomas located within deep and/or eloquent areas of brain.

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