Technique and results of geomorphologic mapping of submarine-subglacial relief of Lambert Basin and its frame (Eastern Antarctica)

A. N. Lastochkin, S. V. Popov

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Complex geophysical researches including radiolocation profiling, terrestrial and marine seismic survey fulfilled during the 17-19, 32, 33, 35, 36, 39 and 40th Soviet (Russian) Antarctic expeditions made is possible to investigate the submarine-subglacial sea bottom relief in the vicinity of Prince Charles Mountains. The schematic geomorphologic map was compiled in the scale of 1 : 1000000, on the base of the morphogenetic principle. The map includes 6 genetic and 11 morphologic classes of simple surfaces, divided by crest and keel lines, concave and convex kinks. Within the submarine middle-mountains there are deep incised canyons, on the high plain - rare troughs and circles possibly buried by moraines. The Lambert depression has flat bottom and dissected flanges of various slopes. On the whole the submarine-subglacial relief greatly differs from the relief of Pleistocene glaciations.

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