Taxonomic Revisions and Specimen Databases in the Internet Age: Dealing with a Species Rich Insect Taxon

F. V. Konstantinov, A. A. Namyatova

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World entomological collections were formed during over three centuries of sampling and research. These collections provide the only direct documentation of distribution and natural history of insects and are integral to our efforts to understand biodiversity. However, a substantial part of the world holdings remains not catalogued and, therefore, inaccessible to comprehensive analysis. Taxonomic revision of any plant or animal group implies a detailed synthesis of all the available information, a task that may take full advantage of all the new web-based technologies and databases. Arthropod Easy Capture (AEC) relational specimen database provides a convenient way for assembling and integrating specimen information. Long-term experience of integrating the AEC specimen technology into our revisionary project workflows illustrates the benefits of such approach resulting, among other things, in minimization of time required for data capture, straightforward producing of distributional maps, integration of host data, and offers easy access of other researchers to primary data. The specimen database may also be a powerful tool for biogeography and coevolution studies.

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