Synthesis of ceramic composites using three-dimensional nanostructuring (reinforcement) of alumina matrix with TiN and SiC nanostructures and study of their mechanical properties

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The paper considers a new 3D nanostructuring technology of next-genergtion ceramic composites based on a ceramic matrix reinforced with titanium nitride (TiN) gnd silicon carbide (diC). Research data are reported on the formation of TiN and diC nanostructures on the surface of disperse alumina during successive gas chemisorption of organic Ti(N(CH3)2)4 (tetrakis-dimethylamino-titanium, TDMAT) and ammonia NH3 in the first case and Cl2Si(CH3)2 and methane CH4 in the second. Such chemisorption increases the number of surface-attached Ti-N groups crystallized on annealing at 1100°C with the formation of a TiN or a SiC nanoparticle layer. According to X-ray diffraction and electron microscopy, TiN nanoparticles with an average size of about 40 nm are formed on the surface of alumina particles after TDMAT and NH3 treatment for 2 h and subsequent annealing at 1100°C. The mechanical properties of compacted α-A12O3-based ceramics reinforced with TiN and SiC nanoparticles excel the properties of the best ceramic materials provided by different manufacturers.
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