230Th/U Chronology and Geochemistry of Irinovskoe Hydrothermal Field (Mid-Atlantic Ridge)

V. Yu Kuznetsov, E. V. Tabuns, G. A. Cherkashev, V. E. Bel’tenev, F. E. Maksimov, K. A. Kuksa, L. I. Lazareva, S. B. Levchenko, I. E. Zherebtsov

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The results of 230Th/U dating and mineralogical–geochemical studies of sulfide ores from the Irinovskoe hydrothermal field and the Severo-Zapadnoe ore occurrence (Mid-Atlantic Ridge) are presented. Sulfides are represented primarily by copper–sulfide ores with 12–30% Cu content; sulfur- and zinc-sulfide ores are distributed less frequently. The analysis of a change in the composition of sulfides over time has made it possible to identify three stages of formation. Each stage assumes that mineral associations are changed from high-temperature (sulfur and copper sulfide) to medium temperature (Zn–Cu and Zn-sulfide) sulfide ores. The whole age range of formation of the hydrothermal deposits falls within the time interval of about 58000–8000 for the Irinovskoe field and 69000–11000 years ago for the Severo-Zapadnoe ore occurrence.

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