Study and estimation of groundwater flow of small rivers on the case study of the basin of the river Bodrak (south-western Crimea)

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The article focuses on study and estimation of groundwater flow of the river Bodrak. Basin of the river Bodrak is located within the North-Western slopes of the Crimean mountains in the areas of active water exchange without any protection. The article describes methods of estimation of groundwater flow in case of seasonal (summer) observations. Morphometric, hydrometric and other parameters of the river catchment have been calculated using ArcGis 9 soft ware (ArcMap module). Groundwater flow assessment has been carried out using four different methods based on the study of morphometric and hydrometric parameters of the river catchment and groundwater regime and chemical composition. Method of spring yields. The method is based on calculation of average drought annual spring discharge in the river catchment. This parameter is equal to the minimum groundwater reources of upper hydrodynamic zone (above the local base level). Method of drought hydrometry. This method is based on the measurements of river flow during the drought period. Hydrochemical method. It is based on the difference in chemical composition of surface water and groundwater. Increase of TDS (or concentration of any component) is connected to the reduction of water flow, and therefore to the increase of the underground recharge. This method was applied using the concentrations of chloride and bicarbonate anions and water electric conductivity. Morphometric method. The method is applicable for the river catchments situated on the altitudes higher than 200 m. Two types of dependence of drought groundwater flow on volumes of drained zones have been revealed. The first one is for rivers with average riverbed altitudes of lower than 400 m, the second one-for ones higher than 400 m. The river Bodrak is related to the first type. The groundwater flow module calculated with correction coefficients of the first type is 0.01 m3/s ·km2 (or thickness of groundwater flow of 4 mm/year). Small rivers of Crimean peninsula are very vulnerable to the climate change and human activity. The groundwater flow assessment is of great social and economical importance. Refs 19. Figs 12. Tables 7.

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