Struggle for power in Moscow after the death of Vasiliy III and Russian foreign policy

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The article concerns the events at the Moscow court after the death of the Grand Prince Vasiliy III. Until the autumn of 1534, there was a keen struggle, in which the Grand Princess Elena Vasilievna Glinskaya won a victory. In historiography there exists an opinion that the struggle was connected with different approaches to foreign policy issues and the urge to push aside the descendants of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, who were adherents of peaceful relations with this western neighbor of Russia. However, the author believes that this point of view does not reflect the actual situation, since among Moscow nobility there were no powerful forces striving to maintain peace with Lithuania based on cession of territory required by the royal government. Besides, the natives of western and south-western regions of Russia did not represent a single group with common goals and positions with respect to foreign and domestic policy. In the author's opinion, the question was of a struggle for power, which was won by th
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