Structure - Density relationship for crystals and glasses in the Rb2O-B2O3-SiO2 system

R. S. Bubnova, I. G. Polyakova, M. G. Krzhizhanovskaya, S. K. Filatov, P. Paufler, D. Meyer

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The paper presents new data on the crystal structure behaviour of the Rb boroleucite phase under Si4+→ B3+ substitution and on the density of glasses and crystals. Polycrystalline samples were prepared by glass crystallisation. The crystal structures of the Rb boroleucite, RbBSi2O6 and two of its silica rich solid solutions, Rb0·96(B0·77Si2·1 8)2·95O6 and Rb0·92(B0·46Si2·4 2)2·88O6, have been determined by the Rietveld method. They are isostructural with boroleucite, KBSi2O6 (cubic system; I3d). When B3+ is substituted for Si4+, vacancies are formed at the B and Rb sites in the structure of the resulting silica Rb leucite solid solutions.

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ЖурналPhysics and Chemistry of Glasses: European Journal of Glass Science and Technology Part B
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