Strongly intensive observables in the model with string fusion

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We calculate the strongly intensive observables for multiplicities in two rapidity windows in the model with independent identical strings taking into account the charge sign of particles. We express the observables through the string pair correlation functions describing the correlations between the same and opposite sign particles produced in a string decay. We extract these charge-wise string two-particle correlation functions from the ALICE data on the forward-backward correlations and the balance function. Using them we predict the behavior of the charge-wise strongly intensive observables in the model with independent identical strings. We also show that the observable between multiplicities in two acceptance windows separated in rapidity, which is a strongly intensive in the case with independent identical strings, loses this property, when we take into account string fusion effects and a formation of strings of a few different types takes place in a collision. We predict the changes in the behaviour of this observable with energy and collision centrality, arising due to the string fusion phenomena.

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