Spin chirality of polycrystalline MnSi, or, difficult way from rumours to the solid ground

V.A. Dyadkin, S.V. Grigoriev, D. Menzel, E.V. Moskvin, S.V. Maleyev, H. Eckerlebe

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Six different polycrystalline samples of MnSi were produced as a rapidly frozen melt after the single crystal growth in the Czochralski process. With the help of small-angle scattering of polarized neutrons we show that the magnetic spin chirality being scanned along the sample length oscillates strongly on a scale of 2-3 mm, revealing the volumes of the samples with high degree of an enantiomeric excess. The average chirality of the samples deviates from zero value.
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ЖурналPhysica B: Condensed Matter
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