Specific features in the change of electrical resistivity of carbon nanocomposites based on nanodiamonds under neutron irradiation

S.K. Gordeev, R.F. Konopleva, V.A. Chekanov, S.B. Korchagina, S.P. Belyaev, I.V. Golosovskii, I.A. Denisov, P.I. Belobrov

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The physical properties of bulk composite materials consisting of nanodiamond, pyrolytic carbon, and nanopores were investigated. Samples were irradiated in a channel of the reactor by fast neutrons (E > 0.5MeV) in ampoules with helium and in an aqueous medium. The dependences of the electrical transport properties of materials with different compositions on the dose of irradiation with fast neutrons were studied. A nonmonotonic change in the electrical resistivity with an increase in the neutron fluence was revealed. Possible explanations were offered for the observed dependence of the electrical resistivity on the neutron fluence, in particular, those related to the physical processes occurring in surface states of the three-phase system of the nanocomposite.
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ЖурналPhysics of the Solid State
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