Social anthropology in the context of sociology

Aleksander I. Kuropjatnik, Marina S. Kuropjatnik

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Disciplinary (educational programme in social anthropology), interdisciplinary (social anthropology in the context of sociology) and additional formats of anthropological education are represented at the Faculty of Sociology of the Saint Petersburg State University. The content and structure of educational programmes in social anthropology is largely due to the reconfiguration of the social anthropology subject, the fundamental and empirical studies of modern societies (anthropology at home) and the shift of the former disciplinary boundaries. In this regard, the 'Social Anthropology' specialism of the Master's Programme is focused on the acquisition by students of such configuration of competencies that are formed on the basis of socio-Anthropological approach to the study of social and cultural diversity in the changing contexts of modernity. The most important factors in the development of educational programmes in social anthropology at the Faculty of Sociology are: A) their institutionalisation in the context of sociology; b) the disciplinary framework and intellectual pluralism of modern social anthropology; c) significant organisational changes at universities and in higher education in general. According to the authors, these factors largely determine the way in which social anthropology is involved in various scientific, professional and cultural contexts.

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