Smart Cyber Resilience Technologies of Credit Organizations

Gilyan V. Fedotova, Yuri V. Kuznetsov, Larisa A. Kargina, Sophia L. Lebedeva, Diana A. Kurazova

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Purpose/Objectives: the purpose of this article is to rethink the ongoing transformation of information platforms of credit companies. The service digitalization and virtually complete automation of the entire transaction cycle have led to new threats that are a reason to strengthen the protection of bank information resources, including customer details and accounts, as well as access to them. The concept of cyber resilience appeared and received considerable attention in 2016, therefore, it is necessary to assess current threats and determine further ways of digitalization of credit. To achieve this purpose, several tasks were posed and successively solved in the article, i.e., the dynamics of information theft in the economy has been assessed, the RF Central Bank’s measures to reduce cyber threats have been outlined, and recommendations to secure internal data and customer accounts have been developed. Methodology: in the investigation, methods of regulatory analysis and assessment of the current situation in the field of public cyber security administration in the financial and credit sector of the economy were applied. To assess the current situation and summarize the industry’s work in recent years, a content analysis of the statistics of hacks and leaks of various kinds of information was performed. Digital data were obtained from open Internet sources, processed by methods of financial, graphical and trend analysis, then formalized and systematized. Results: all banking operating systems being digitized and procedures and work protocols being complicated require new powerful resources implemented into daily work monitoring technologies. The procedure proposed by the Central Bank of Russia to implement smart technologies into credit operations enables strengthening cyber security of banking systems, which is to become one of the key development trends of the financial sector in the near future. Conclusions/Relevance: this paper has identified new development trends in the financial sector with respect to ongoing changes and sophistication of information security improvement systems.

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