Single step laser-induced deposition of plasmonic au, ag, pt mono-, bi-and tri-metallic nanoparticles

Daria V. Mamonova, Anna A. Vasileva, Yuri V. Petrov, Alexandra V. Koroleva, Denis V. Danilov, Ilya E. Kolesnikov, Gulia I. Bikbaeva, Julien Bachmann, Alina A. Manshina

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Multimetallic plasmonic systems usually have distinct advantages over monometallic nanoparticles due to the peculiarity of the electronic structure appearing in advanced functionality systems, which is of great importance in a variety of applications including catalysis and sensing. Despite several reported techniques, the controllable synthesis of multimetallic plasmonic nanoparticles in soft conditions is still a challenge. Here, mono-, bi-and tri-metallic nanoparticles were successfully obtained as a result of a single step laser-induced deposition approach from monometallic commercially available precursors. The process of nanoparticles formation is starting with photodecomposition of the metal precursor resulting in nucleation and the following growth of the metal phase. The deposited nanoparticles were studied comprehensively with various experimental techniques such as SEM, TEM, EDX, XPS, and UV-VIS absorption spectroscopy. The size of monometallic nanoparticles is strongly dependent on the type of metal: 140–200 nm for Au, 40–60 nm for Ag, 2–3 nm for Pt. Bi-and trimetallic nanoparticles were core-shell structures representing monometallic crystallites surrounded by an alloy of respective metals. The formation of an alloy phase took place between monometallic nanocrystallites of different metals in course of their growth and agglomeration stage.

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