Single-nucleotide Polymorphisms of AGT, SOD2, CAT in Risk Estimates for Arterial Hypertension among Young People

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Arterial hypertension is one of the most common cardiovascular diseases and one of the main causes of mortality and disability of population. Opportunity to predict emergence of arterial hypertension and to take preventive measures in pre-nosological diagnostics of disease arouse research interest in this issue. Possibility to predict progression of arterial hypertension based on polymorphic variants of AGT gene (C521T, rs4762) identification, which encodes angiotensinogen protein in combination with polymorphic variants of CAT (-262C/T, rs1001179), encoding catalase, and polymorphic variants of SOD2 (C47T, rs4880), encoding mitochondrial superoxide dismutase, are discussed in this article. Decrease of antioxidant enzymes (catalase and superoxide dismutase) activity leads to accumulation of reactive oxygen species in cells. They may activate NF-kB transcription factor, which increases expression of individual genes involved insodium homeostasis and in blood pressure control, including angiotensinogen...
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