Simple and Cost-Efficient Classification of Ballpoint Pen Inks Using Digital Color Analysis

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We report here a simple and cost-effective technique for classification of the samples of writing inks based on their digital color analysis (DCA). The dynamics of artificial aging of writing inks under UV irradiation was studied by means of DCA for the first time. The color of ballpoint pen marks was recorded over time using an ordinary consumer DSLR camera. The inks were classified according to the parameters of their color degradation curves with precision superior to conventional Raman scattering method, which serves as a proof-of-concept of the proposed approach. The reported approach has broad prospects for implementation by criminalists for document investigation when document forgery is suspected. The proposed technique can be of interest not only in the field of forensic science but also for those who deal with dyes and dye-containing materials and their degradation over time as well as for the study of any processes, the evolution of which is reflected in a color change.

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