Shape of the IR Bands of CH4: The CH4-Kr System in Different Phase States

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The IR absorption spectrum of mixtures of GH4 with Kr in the range 800-6000 cm-1 is studied in the region of the gas-liquid and liquid-crystal phase transitions. It is found that, as the system density increases, the ratio of the v4 band intensity to that of the v 3 band becomes larger and the measured values of the second spectral moment of the v4 band become smaller than the corresponding calculated values. The quantum counterpart of the generalized J-diffusion model was used to describe the shape of the v3 and v4 bands, and the rotational relaxation times of CH4 in solutions were obtained. It was shown that, as the density increases, a broad 1470-cm -1 band appears in the region of the "forbidden" (induced by a Coriplis interaction) v2 band (vQ = 1535 cm -1) detected in a low-density gas. The intensity of this band is appreciably higher than that of the v2 band.

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