Prof. Dr. Irina Grigoryeva, M. Shubinsky, E Mayorova

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The main goal of our research was to evaluate the need of elderly computer users for special training on cybersecurity. The article highlights the results of our study which deals with the elderly and their information practices. We used 268 questionnaires from Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Denmark and Sweden. Only members of social organizations were included in the sample. It was important to find out whether pensioners use the Internet and what for. It turned out that the spectrum of used features is quite narrow. On the other hand, there is also an increase of using Internet for public services, for paying for goods and other services. The data of this study was based on the analysis of the annual Norton Report 2013 and typical cyber crime cases where pensioners were victims. So this data led us to the conclusion about high risk of ICT use among elderly, which also accompanies opportunities for them. Governments in most European countries and the European Commission are making great efforts in the figh
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