Saussurea stubendorffii (Asteraceae), a new record for the Northern part of Western Siberia

L. N. Beldiman, V. V. Byalt, A. A. Egorov, V. Yu Neshataev

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In the course of geobotanical and floristic research in the eastern part of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area (Verkhne-Tazovsky Reserve) in 2018, we have found a new species for the Area, Saussurea stubendorffii Herder. The species is quite widespread in the Central and Eastern Siberia as well as in Mongolia. In the Western Siberia, it is rare and was recorded only in the extreme south, namely in the Altai Mountains and Kuznetsk Alatau. No records in the north of the Western Siberia were known until now. We recommend including this species in the list of protected species with the category 3(R), a rare species at the limit of its range.

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ЖурналBotanicheskii Zhurnal
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